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Narwhals Otter Friend
by Ben Clanton

I loved this book! It is like a book with four story’s in it. Whoever wrote this book has great thoughts and imagination. A rock talked in this book. I liked the otter the most he’s full of adventures thoughts,for example the otter and his friend the Narwhal thought of going from the sea to space. Once again I love love love this book!

Cesar Chavez
by Jerry Tello

He fought he taught,he taught people to respect,respect is perfect ??!

by Beth Johnson

Repeats words over and over and over again didn’t like this book

What if
by Sandra Magsamen

It tells you that if you are different you are amazing! For example if your hair is warm and someone’s is cold the person who’s hair was warm liked cold, he could touch the hair of the guy that was different from the warm- haired guy!

by Charles Reasoner

Very very small about only 5 pages and not much to read didn’t like this book.

Pete The Cat Scuba-cat
by James Dean

This book is great!It is very funny! Pete is going diving and trying to find a seahorse, does he find it? Find out when you read the book.

The Berenstain Bears And The Missing Dinosaur Bone
by Jan Berenstain

Good and not good,on each page there are only a few words...but the story in the book is great! Everything looks like a thief to the bears,but it’s actually not!

Library Mouse
by Daniel Kirk

A very good book.It shows that anybody can write, in the book a mouse writes a book.He inspires all the kids that come to the library to write a book Now you’ll feel that writing is also your friend when nobody is there...if you think writing a book is impossible just make a space between im and possible and put a apostrophe in the middle of im and it turns into I’m possible!!!

Weather and Climate
by Joe greek

I love this book! It tells you the names of the people who predict the weather, it also has questions and little notes. When you check those questions they really get your mind working. You may think you know all about weather but I am sure, there’s something new you are going to learn from this book!

Ghost Town At Sundown
by Mary Pope Osborne Magic Treehouse Series

I like this book because, it has a lot of adventure and suspense. Also, it has a lot of excitement.
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